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The concept for the Nipawin Oasis Community Centre originated in response to a request for additional recreational and social opportunities for people with long-term mental illness in the area.  A need for more specific counseling services in the areas of nutrition, budgeting and life skills was also identified.  The idea for a “drop-in-centre” offering social and recreational opportunities, a self-help group and some counseling services for the individuals was proposed by Lyle Adderly and MaryLou Hamilton. 

The possibility of sharing with other groups in the community was raised.  An initial proposal was drafted and presented at a series of meetings with representatives of health, social and educational services, user groups, Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the RCMP and other citizens’ groups. 

In November 1992, the Nipawin Oasis Community Centre Co-operative came into being.
Below are articles that pertained to activities surrounding the Nipawin Oasis.

June 2015 Bright Young Minds at the Oasis

June 2015 Oasis New 'Hub' for Northeast

June 2015 National Aboriginal Day Serving Up Tradition

June 2015 Oasis Invites Community to Celebrate National Aboriginal Day

May 2015 Local Program maintains Aboriginal Tradition

April 2015 - Nipawin Oasis Keeps Culture Through Support Group

March 2015 - Local Rotary Club of Nipawin honours local volunteers

July 2014 - Nipawin Oasis Hosts Northa American Indigenous Games Opening Ceremony Runners

Jan 2014 Nipawin Oasis - Nipawin's Best Kept Secret

Jan 2014 - Nipawin Oasis hosts Baby Days

Oasis Oskayak girl's blog for pictures!

Nipawin Oasis Annual Report 2012-2013

2011-2012 Nipawin Oasis Annual Report

Skills Work - SaskWITT Partnership at Red Earth - Nov. 2012

More Support for Families - Miinistry of Social Services Nov. 2012

Community Literacy Plan Nov. 2012

"Building Women" work on the Habitat for Humanity Home July 2012

Artist Visits the Oasis - Kevin Peeace March 2012

Buffalo Bannock Taco Sale July 2011

Children's Advocate Bob Pringle and AGM June 2011

Habitat for Humanity Meeting in Nipawin May 2011




Oasis Centre looks back at a year of change June 2010

Get your Rider tickets and support the Oasis Centre June 2010







Centre bids fond farewell to retiring CEO July 2009

Salvation Army officers transfer from Nipawin_June24_2009

If you really care_May_2009

Rolling with the Nipawin Oasis Centre April 2009




Nipawin Representative_Workforce_welcomes_New_Coordinator_Aug_2008


Centre gets_funding_to_help_local_youth_to_be_job_ready_July_2008



Paint project involves many people Oct 2007


Towards SchoolPLUS_July_2007


Oasis Centre in need of Bike Shop March 2007

Oasis holds walk Oct. 2006


NDP visit with_Nipawin_Oasis_Community_Centre_promising_Aug_2006

Bike shop offers accessible recreation for all May 2006

Concerns rise over tax hike May 2006




Volunteering is good for everyone Aug. 2005

Youth programs are the key_to_keeping_kids_off_drugs_in_Nipawin_and_Area_Aug_2005



Nipawin Oasis Centre hosting Awareness Day June9_2004

Towards SchoolPLUS_april_2004

Nipawin OASIS Centre celebrates grand opening March 2004

OASIS Centre has long history of meeting needs Oct. 2003


Oasis Centre celebrates 10 years of service Dec. 2002





    Our Vision
Our Centre will be a place where people care, belong, and get involved.  Our Vision is to be one of the leaders in building an inclusive, supportive, safe and healthy community. 
Our Mission:
We are a Community Resource Co-operative Centre that provides advocacy, prevention, and educational community based programming to improve the social and economic needs of the Nipawin Community and area.