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Programs and Services

Family Support Program

Funded by the Ministry of Social Services. The objective of the program is to move the family toward adequate, independent functioning without Ministry of Social Services Child Protection involvement. To provide direct support services to families in the family home by strengthening communication and problem solving skills, enhancing family cohesion, while decreasing the number of children coming into the care of the Ministry.
Services provided are Parenting programs and skills, Home visiting and drop in support.

Homelessness  Support Services

Program provides support services to prevent homelessness and evictions.  Includes:
* Filling out forms assistance
* Employment and Education assistance
* Housing support
* Tenant and Landlord relations

Child Development and Nutrition, Culture, Literacy and Community Inclusion Program

Funded by the Ministry of Education, TIP and the Community Initiatives Fund. This program teaches good nutrition practices for children, youth and families, and helps develop independent living skills for children and their families including new ways to prepare food, budgeting, shopping,nutrition, safe food handling and preserving. Also includes Cree culture and language, literacy, outdoor and community activities. The youth are picked up at school and driven home after the program.

Family Literacy Program - Northeast Hub

The Nipawin Oasis is a Family Literacy Hub Service provider serving the northeast of the province with funding from the Ministry of Education— Provincial Library and Literacy Office. The primary objective is to ensure that Northeast families have access to family literacy programs, services and supports to strengthen literacy development at home and in their community.

Current Family Literacy programs offered at the Oasis are:

Youth and Family Literacy (grades 1-12) —after school

Traditional Time—
Family Literacy—Every Wed from 10—3

Summer Family Literacy program —
July & August Family Literacy Weeks—Christmas Break, Feb. Winter Break and Easter Break

Jan. 27 -
Family Literacy Day Celebration

June 21—
National Aboriginal Day and Intergenerational learning

Computer & Internet usage—public use

Library Resources - includes Cultural resources and Red Earth History

We regularly Facebook: (don't need to be a member of facebook to access the groups) 

Nipawin Oasis Parenting group

Nipawin Oasis Housing group

Nipawin Oasis and area Job postings

Nipawin Oasis Cultural group

Nipawin Oasis Recipe group

Nipawin Oasis Craft group

Nipawin Oasis Literacy group

Culture Programs

Cree Culture and Language is included in all youth and family programming.

Healing/Sharing Circle -
meets bi weekly with Elders from James Smith bi-weekly.

Traditional Time -
with Cultural Leaders every Wednesday from 10-3 includes traditional foods, beadwork, moccasins, regalia making, traditional sewing, and storytelling.

National Aboriginal Day -
celebrated every June 21 at the Oasis




















    Our Vision
Our Centre will be a place where people care, belong, and get involved.  Our Vision is to be one of the leaders in building an inclusive, supportive, safe and healthy community. 
Our Mission:
We are a Community Resource Co-operative Centre that provides advocacy, prevention, and educational community based programming to improve the social and economic needs of the Nipawin Community and area.