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   Welcome to the Nipawin Oasis Community Centre ..... www.nipawinoasis.com ..... Taxi number is 862-8559
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Kids Help Phone Toll-Free:

NorthEast Outreach Services
24 hour Crisis Line

The right of children to know
their culture and language is protected by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as
well as the UN Declaration on
the Rights of Indigenous

Recent News:
Check out the recent Annual Report 2017_18

and our latest brochure 2018

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We regularly Facebook: (don't need to be a member of facebook to access the groups)
Nipawin Oasis Parenting group

Nipawin Oasis Housing group

Nipawin Oasis and area Job postings

Nipawin Oasis Cultural group

Nipawin Oasis Recipe group

Nipawin Oasis Craft group

Nipawin Oasis Literacy group